Fireworks ​Mortar Tubes

 ​​​​​Will make to order, or design one for you. Tell me what you are looking for. Call or Email for Pricing and Availability. For orders over 200 tubes contact us for special price's, check the fireworks store in Hollister Pyrotechnics LLC pyrotechnic equipment. 

Plugged Fiberglass Display Tubes

2.5x14" Tube:  $4.00 ea         3x18" Tube:  $5.00 ea   4x22" Tube:  $10.50 ea             5x31" Tube:  $18.00 ea   6x35" Tube:  $19.50 ea            ​8"x43" Tube:  $45.00 ea
12x51" Tube:  $100.00 ea 

Tube color may vary

​12" Consumer Mortar Tubes

  1-3/4 HDPE Mortar tube DR11 (1.91 ID) & Plugged. ​Perfect for 1-3/4 Salutes & 1.3 color shells. 

 5-Pack: $10.75
25-Pack: $51.25
​50-Pack: $102.50
100-Pack: $200.00 

​​​1-3/4 x 8" Fireworks Mine Tube

 Same material as the mortar tubes + plugged
5-Pack: $8.00​​ 

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