Mortar Racks

18 Shot Adjustable Aluminum Rack (perfect for Cobra users)

  •  24 position units will be available soon for Mongoose and Firetek users.
  • Made out of Aluminum (has zinc plated steel threaded rod and wing nuts to firmly hold it all together nice and sturdy) this rack will give you total control of your angles and provide years of service. This rack is built to withstand the toughest conditions and abuse that the Fireworks environment can throw at it. ​
    "The owner has been trying to destroy the proto-type"  
  • This rack is perfect for single shot Dominator or SO76 Pro-line tube mines and comets, will hold 62mm single shot tubes.

 $200.00 Order Now

Solid Wood Racks

 Solid wood construction. (No OSB or Plywood) Very sturdy and will take years of abuse with HDPE Plugged consumer mortar tubes. Display Racks are Now Available. 8" and 10" Coming Soon. Don't see what you're looking for? Call us! 

10-Tube Consumer Rack: 1-3/4 shells ​

12-Tube Consumer Rack: 1-3/4 shells

20-Tube Consumer Rack: 1-3/4 shells

​36-Tube Fan Rack With HDPE Consumer Tubes

Comes with removable ends for easy assembly/disassembly. Equivalent to getting 7 racks in 1. 

 36-Tube Rack (Straight, Fan, Angled Right or Left): $165.00 

Professional Racks

 ​2.5" 10-Tube Rack: $35.00​2.5" 10-Tube Rack & Tubes: $70.00

​3" 10-Tube Rack: $40.00
​3" 10-Tube Rack & Tubes: $85.00

4" 6-Tube Rack: $45.00
​4" 6-Tube Rack & Tubes: $95.00

​5" 5-Tube Rack: $55.00
5" 5-Tube Rack & Tubes: $120.00​ 

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